Colour Consultancy

Colour can be used to alter our perception of a space, changing how we see its dimension and proportion.

Colour works on a subconscious level, giving instant impact & elicits emotional response.

By surrounding yourself with the right colours, each room will feel more defined and purposeful and will enhance emotional well being.

Interior Design

Understanding who you are and getting to know your personality enables the  creation of authentic spaces that will bring joy for years to come.

From concept to completion, your journey will be exciting as  visions come to life with my designs, and delighted as those designs become reality.

Each project is afforded the same level of care and attention, from a full house renovation to a decor freshen up.

Colour masterclass


Do you want to be confident in your colour choices?

At the end of this hour long 1-2-1 video call you will know:

  • the simple tool designers use to create breathtaking colour schemes​

  • effective ways to put colours together​​

  • how colours affect your mood, so you can create spaces that dont just look beautiful but also FEELS exactly how you want​

  • design secrets to alter a rooms proportions and how to highlight or hide features​